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Hi, We are Oraios Packaging!

Oraios Packaging is a one stop place for packaging solutions. Being well researched in the packaging and honed as packaging technologist we provide engineered solutions for packaging. The design and manufacturing of packaging for commercial products is done keeping in view the emotional appeal of product, aesthetics and cost optimization without losing focus on minimizing ecological footprint.

Our Services

Design Studio

If you are looking for spectacular designs that also perform well, you are at the right place. Whether you are a small company wanting to stand apart packs or a big one looking for fresh ideas


Packaging Engineering Data & Simulations

We all get brilliant ideas of packaging designs sometime or other. But that idea has to be converted to Engineering data to make it workable and understandable.


Packaging Material Benchmarking

We have data base to compare your pack with all competitor packs. Our data base will help you to find out all possible improvements by detail study


New Packaging Development

New packaging development is a need of constantly changing market. Either a new product launch or relaunch of product, we can contribute to each stage of packaging


Packaging Value Engineering

Constant pressure on margins leads value engineering of packaging materials. We should be using the optimum specification in the best cost. In today's volatile business climate,


O Pack Learning

Leaning defines as knowledge acquired through study, experience, or being taught. There are numbers of way to acquire knowledge and O’Pack Leaner’s is more such tool


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